TINO’S GREEK CAFE | December 1, 2012

Tino’s Greek Cafe is one of my favorite fast-food restaurants. They have locations all over Austin, have flavorful food at a great price and the food is actually good for you. I love looking at the gyros. I think that’s what you call those rotisseries of dripping lamb and chicken. It tastes so good that I wondered if there was any way to copy this cooking technique at home. So I looked on and found this one that you bake in the oven in a water bath. I’ve GOT to try it. I love the yogurt and the crumbles of feta cheese with the tomatoes and the cucumber, mixed in with crispy iceberg-romaine mix.  Then you get the saltiness of the black olives and a taste of that spicy meat and onion in each bite. Tino’s is a real winner for a fast, in-and-out place to grab food after a long day of work. Just don’t ask them how to pronounce gyro. They act like they don’t know.

Large Greek Salad with Lamb Gyro

Large Greek Salad with Lamb Gyro


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