Italian Food Galore | January 30, 2013



I show pictures from my trip to Italy to people and they ask, “Did you do anything besides eat?” Well, yes, we did a bit of sight seeing and shopping and lots and lots of walking. Obesity is not a  problem people have there because they don’t have ‘drive-in’ everything. We are tied to our cars here because public transportation doesn’t meet our needs and we  don’t live near the center of everything. All shopping, banking and mailing is spread out where we have to drive our cars to get around. There, driving a car looks a little like a nightmare of either being stuck in traffic or first come, first served method of maneuvering around the streets. Typically, you have breakfast around 7 or 7:30, a leisurely lunch about 1-3 PM, and I mean it takes two hours to eat, then dinner is around 9 PM. All the businesses close mid-day for three hours for lunch and relaxation, then reopen at 4 until around 8. Really, not a bad way to live. The only problem is that Italians don’t stick to a schedule. If the sign on the door says the hours are 8:30-12:30, they might be open when you come at 8:30 or they might not. In fact, they might not open at all with no explanation!

Traffic on New Year's Day Night

Traffic on New Year’s Day Night


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