Cafe Java | February 18, 2013


Chopped Salad

Chopped Salad

If people find out I write a blog about salads, they will usually tell me about a great salad they have had. That’s how I found out about this place, Cafe Java in North Austin on Metric Blvd. This is a little spot in a strip shopping center near Austin Community College. It was recommended to me by someone I met when I was at my hairdresser’s. There were at least 8 different salads and they all sounded wonderful. My friend and I settled on the Cobb Salad and the Chopped Salad.

I just want you to notice how much bleu cheese I got on my Cobb salad. Those stripes of delicacies are the blue cheese, tomatoes, chicken and crispy bacon. What you can’t see here is the huge amount of avocado that is layered underneath. It comes with creamy Caesar dressing.

Cobb Salad and Chopped Salad
Cobb Salad and Chopped Salad

The Chopped salad included chicken and boiled egg, bacon bits, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds. My friend topped hers with blue cheese dressing. Both salads come with Texas toast.

Most of the restaurants that have moved into Austin from other cities and other states would charge $12  for these salads. It’s refreshing to know there are still locally owned restaurants with decent prices. These salads were $7. 99 each. Wow! Look at them. They’re huge.

I’m going back so I can try the Spinach salad with chicken, feta cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes and red onions with a garlic vinaigrette.

The restaurant is known for its coffee and breakfasts. The sandwiches we saw served at other tables looked really good. But remember, this blog is about salads. So you’ll have to go try the sandwiches for yourself.

I was told that the place was very busy on Sunday and lunch and that held true. In fact, we found the place by seeing a lot of people in the parking lot walking with take-home containers. We arrived at a little after 1:30 and still had to put our names on a waiting list for a table. The wait was short and we were served right away. Great place with great atmosphere and friendly service. Highly recommended.

IMG_0649[1]IMG_0648[1]IMG_0647[1]Cafe Java<a href=””><img alt=”Cafe Java on Urbanspoon” src=”” style=”border:none;padding:0px;width:200px;height:146px” /></a>


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